1. Sam

    About a month ago I was in a pawn shop and they were selling graphing calculators and many other calculators. I never thought of looking there when I was in college and needing a graphing calculator. Just another option that might be available to you. Enjoy the remainder of summer vacation!

  2. Camille

    My office participates in a school supplies drive every year. My advice is to let the teacher know and the school principle and anyone you can think of that works at the school ASAP. Based on what I know, almost all schools get donations of school supplies for the sole purpose of helping those who can’t afford them. In the town where I work, Churches, Rotary Clubs, and other service clubs donate school supplies as well. Often, the supplies are given to the teachers to give out, sometimes though the schools look at rosters and give the supplies to the children that have assited lunch programs. Good Luck, I know that help is out there….be brave and ask for it.

  3. Stephen

    I would contact the school and explain that you cannot afford all the items. See if all of them are needed on the first days or not and if there are some of them that could be purchased a month or two later, or even some that may only be needed second semester. As for the fancy calculator and other expensive items, see if a less expensive model would work, or check E-bay for used ones of that model, or perhaps another student who recently graduated would be willing to sell you theirs cheaper.

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