(Barely) Teenage romance: To tell or not to tell

by EPI Staff on June 10, 2011

Q: I spotted my friend’s 14 year old daughter canoodling with a high school senior, and suspect that her mom would not approve. Should I tell or not?

A: If you’re concerned, talk to the girl’s mom, but make clear that you’re not looking to gossip. Tell her what you saw, and explain that you don’t want to pass judgment; you just want to make sure that she’s in the know.

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Zakafury June 10, 2011 at 11:03 am

I agree completely that a non-judgmental double check is in order.

A senior – likely eighteen – and a fourteen year old are in an awkward situation. This boyfriend needs a serious talk about the necessity of being a perfect gentleman because there will be legal issues for a couple of such ages for at least two more years in most states.


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