1. Country Girl

    I have heard many a friend who have a name to which new people always have an obvious comment/connnection. I.e. I have a friend whose name is Roxanne and she gets so tired of introducing herself people and having them begin to sing Roxanne by the Police. A past classmate who would introduce himself as Marco only to be met constantly with “Marco?….Polo!”

    I am wondering what kind of response would be best for them to use towards the hundreds of folks who proudly think that they are the first to make these obvious connections?

  2. Betty Warrington

    Some family from out of town are coming to visit with another family member who having health issues and has an upcoming birthday. I was called by another family member ( who is out of town) to let me know that they were coming and it was implied in the conversation(not blatenly but I read between the lines) that I should have them over for dinner when they come over. I dont want to I am just not the hostess type (that was my mother) would it be so wrong if I just did not offer to serve them dinner. SN: This family member always came to my home almost every weekend up until the health issues also I have a moutain of home repairs and issues that causes me some discomfort when it comes to having guest. I dont want to appear rude to them if my mother was still living she would have done it and it has come to be expected of me as well.

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