1. C. L. Y.

    Dear EPI Staff:

    Please excuse me if I am not posting this message in the correct place.

    I have recently been introduced to Emily Post, and am excited to improve my social and business etiquette. However, I have a visual disability, and the small print of the Etiquette book is too small to read. I am anxious to “dive in” to the material, but this challenge is slowing my efforts.

    Is “Etiquette” (17th edition) available in audiobook format (preferably)? If not, is it available in PDF format? I have purchased, and listened to, “Excuse Me, But I Was Next,” and thoroughly enjoyed it. I would like to continue my etiquette education. I have found a few links online, but I’m unsure if they are reputable sources. I would greatly appreciate your input.

    Thank you for your time and effort in this matter.

    • Alicia

      I’m not staff and do not really know but I use audible.com for audiobooks and a quick search there shows me that Peggy Post (one of the Emily Post heirs and awesome more modern writters) “Excuse me,but I was next :How to handle the top 100 manners dilemmas” is avaible there. I’m not sure what others are avaible in audiobook format.

      • C.L.Y.

        Thanks for the effort in looking. Yes, I know about audible.com; that’s where I listened to “Excuse Me, But I Was Next…”, as mentioned in my previous post. I’ve already purchased and listened to it. There are other etiquette audiobooks available by other authors, but I was really hoping to find “Etiquette” 17th edition.

        Thanks so much for looking, and responding to my post. Hopefully someone will be able to point me in the right directuion. :)

  2. CLY


    Have you heard any response from Daniel Post about my request? (See my original post and your follow-up post for details.)


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