Tv during dinner: Keep it on to see who wins, or leave the game to fate?

by EPI Staff on April 9, 2011

Q: Whenever a family invites us over for dinner, they leave the TV on the whole time, which I think is rude. Is it OK to object?

A: When you’re a guest in someone’s home, generally you’re expected to go with the flow. While you find this behavior impolite (and I would too), it’s clearly a regular habit for your hosts. If you’re good friends, try, “Amy, would you mind if I turned off the TV? I want to hear about your trip without being distracted.” If not, grin and bear it, and next time, have them over.

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Jody April 11, 2011 at 10:28 am

Since you’re a guest in their home, and you’ve been there before, I do think you need to “grin and bear it,” as the first answer says. It’s a great idea to have the other family over to your home. If they ask you to turn on the TV, that’s the perfect time to explain that your house rules are “no TV during meals.”


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