1. Country Girl

    I think the proper phone etiquette all comes down to staying engaged in the person or group whom you are with. If you are involving them in what is taking place with your phone calls, texts, smart phone use then there should be no breech of etiquette.

    For example, using a smartphone can really come in handy during any of these situations; to confirm a particular fact or date during a meeting, to map out the best route or find the next movie time during dinner, the situations are limitless.

    I think texting probably is the real nuisance . It can seem to prioritize some nameless person ahead of the person or group and conversation in which you are currently engaged. However, if I am with someone for lunch or out to dinner, I don’t mind at all if they clue me in to why the are exiting the conversation to attend to their phone. “Oh sorry, my husband is texting to find out when i plan to be home I just need to let him know.” or a forewarning “I just want to let you know that I might need to take an urgent call from so and so during the lunch so I hope you don’t mind if I excuse myself.”

    • Sara Z

      I absolutely agree, Country Girl. As soon as I clue someone in, and definitely when I apologize for my behavior, that person seems to not care. Also, during an evening out, my boyfriend often asks for my phone to confirm something about which we were talking. Do I mind? Not at all, as what he finds it out is usually intriguing and only adds to the conversation.

      That being said, there are certainly times when using the phone in those situations is rude. I find that a simple apology and explanation is the best way to fix it.

  2. Anytime you are diverting attention from someone else. (ie. church, school, dinner table). Texting while driving isn’t rude necessarily, just dangerous. My pet peeve is cell phones at the dinner table.

  3. Stephen

    What I think is even worse is when you are at a movie theater or performing arts theater when the house lights are out and the show is started. The back lights of the LCD screens can be very bright in a dark room, distracting the audience view of the show.

  4. Ann

    The strangest and and most uncomfortable place I have experienced a person using a cell phone was in a public bathroom – while they are using it! I am not familiar with Smartphones – but I would imagine it would be strange to also use one in a public bathroom while you are using the facilities – especially if you aren’t texting, but are on speaker.

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