1. Country Girl

    I have had this debate with a few friends and family members. What is an appropriate tip for your waitress/waitor at a buffet style restaurant?

    My feelings are still pro-15% tip. This comes because during college I worked at a nice restaurant, and on Sunday mornings we would hold a buffet style breakfast. I usually dreaded these mornings because I would have to work twice as hard refilling coffees, water, juice, as well as bring extra jellies, ketchup, creamer, clearing many dirty plates etc but would more often than not would reeceive zero tip, overhearing people say “Well we served ourselves, so we don’t need to leave a tip.”

    So though I always tip more generously in these situations, many times I will still see others give no tip, or what I would consider to be a somewhat insulting tip ($1-$2 for a family of 6) I am wondering if there is an “official” standard for tipping in buffet situations?

    • Graceandhonor

      CG, we had a lengthy discussion on this very issue quite awhile back and the general consensus was the 15% you suggest, so I think you are doing the right thing.

      • Country Girl

        oops! I used the blog search and it had come up with nothing on the topic, so I was unaware. Thank you for the recap. =)

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