1. In ASL, one says “Thank you” by holding up the hand with palm towards oneself at the lips/chin, then extending it out.
    ASL Thank You
    My coworker who happens to be deaf says “thank you” for big favors with his fresh-made brownies… they seem to work well in any language.

  2. Lizzie Post

    I like “Driving Thank Yous” – when someone lets you go first, you wave to say “thank you”, maybe you even say thank you aloud so they see your lips move. Yesterday a small bus was waiting on the other side of the intersection to make a left hand turn and I let them go first when the light turned green. The driver enthusiastically waved a thank you, and a bunch of the little kids waved their little mitten covered hands at me in thanks. It really warmed my heart and made me remember why it feels so good to do these little things.

    • Jody

      I try to remember the “driving thank you” when somebody lets me into traffic — but I also am careful to wave my entire hand so the driver doesn’t mistake my friendly wave for a rude gesture.

      • Sara Z

        On the same note, when you’re walking and someone in a car lets you cross, wave your thanks to him or her as well!

  3. NicoleT

    I did study abroad in Australia in college. They say “Ta!” for “thanks”- it stuck and I still say this sometimes.

    A big hug also works quite well – even my one year old seems to get the message. :-)

    • Alicia

      Thank you for saying this. A person I work with somewhat is from Australia and always says “Ta” when he should be saying thank you. I had been taking it as “ta” like “ta ta ” as in “bye”. If australians says “ta” for thanks then that makes a lot more sense and makes him a lot more polite. I’m thilled you posted.

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