1. CC

    Our children insist on bringing their big dog when they visit for the day. They live an hour away. We want them and their children to visit but not the dog. We are Elderly and have health issues. We have asked them not to let the dog in the house but they do. The dog is 2 yrs old and is a lap dog. He jumps up and knocks us over and scratches us. Our son says he will not visit if the dog is not allowed. We are at our wits end. The clean up after the family leaves takes a couple of hours. We love our family and do not want this heart ache. I don’t think they truly understand our feelings.

    • Jody

      I’m a dog lover but I also believe that you, as the homeowner, have the right to set rules with respect to animals in your home. I think you need to tell your children that you will no longer allow their dog in the house because of your health issues and the cleanup involved with the pet’s visit. Stick to your guns — if your son says he won’t visit without the dog, say you’ll miss him (I know it hurts but it needs to be said).
      Alternatively, are you able to visit them at their home? Yes the pet will be there but you won’t have to clean up after it. Are you able to visit them at a neutral location such as a park that allows animals? Good luck with this situation.

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