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  1. Donna Honda

    We are having a 90th birthday luncheon for our mother. We would like to note on the invitations that it is not necessary to bring gifts….What would be the polite way to address this?

    • Clearly you already know that mentioning gifts (even a lack) is inappropriate. One time, I received an invitation to a birthday party and on the invitation was written, “Your presence is all that is requested.” By not mentioning gifts specifically, I felt they skirted the issue. Others may disagree with me here, but I found it clever.

  2. Alicia

    The best thing to do is no mention of gifts at all. Then if someone asks you or your siblings what grandma would like you then just tell them that she rerally only wants to see them and that no other gifts are neccesary.
    Yes some people will still give gifts but less then if you said “no gifts please” which tends to make people think they should give money.

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