Seat Savvy: When to offer your seat on a bus

by EPI Staff on October 7, 2010

Q: I was sitting on the bus when an elderly man got on. But he was not at all feeble; in fact, he was as fit as a fiddle. Should I still have offered him a seat?

A: The philosophy of seat sacrifice is that you offer yours to anyone who could use it more than you–an elderly person, a shopper with an armload of packages, a pregnant woman, or someone who’s disabled. Though this gentleman may not look as if he needs the seat, you should offer it anyway as a sign of respect. If he turns you down, offer a warm smile and a comment like “I didn’t think you needed it; just thought I’d offer.”

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Victor Van Woort October 8, 2010 at 1:36 pm

A note, especially for the ladies: when you are offered a seat, please take it, even if you don’t absolutely need it; otherwise, the person who offered it might feel silly standing in front of his seat and then having to sit down again.


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