1. Candy Ward

    My daughter is getting married soon. Her father passed about two years ago. We want him remembered and mentioned but the idea of:
    Mrs. CSW and the late RLW
    request the honour of your presence . . .
    just sounds creepy to me, (especially since it is a Halloween season wedding)

    Would we proper to instead say:

    Daughter of
    CSV and the late RLW
    Son of
    JH and SWJ
    invite/announce etc.

    Since it is less formal may we drop the titles since I would be listing both mine and my late husband’s names individually and the grooms would only be Mr. and Mrs. JHJ.

    Also they are getting married on 10/10/10, but due to the groom’s family’s previous obligations the “wedding” is going to be 10/30/10. Do they send announcements of the wedding and then invitations to the reception. My daughter moved from VA to Dayton Ohio where he lives so most of her friends and family will probably not be able to attend. We plan to have a small reception for them here in VA mid Dec. We thought Announcements to all and invites to the appropriate locations separately. I really don’t think anyone would care except for the paternal grandmother who is a bit of a stickler for protocol.

  2. Graceandhonor

    Generally, Marie, this is done a couple of weeks before the wedding, unless it is a piece of jewelry the bride may want to wear at the wedding and the sharp groom wants to avoid duplicate purchases, i.e the bride buying earrings or a necklace to wear for the wedding. This gift should be presented in private between the two, and the same rules apply for a bride gifting her groom.

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