1. Terry Jackson

    Is it proper to invite family to the rehearsal dinner that are not receiving an invitation to the wedding? Is this even acceptable?

  2. Alicia

    The rehersal dinner is a smaller event then the wedding designed mainly to thank those who are taking time out to help with the wedding. It is a thank you to thosre most involved in the wedding. People who are not involved in the wedding may be invited and it is gracious and wonderful to include them. However, everyone invited to the rehersal dinner should also be invited to the wedding. Perhaps if socializing with these family members is the goal another dinner on a diferent occasion could be organized in order to visit with these relatives or they could be invited to the wedding.

  3. Donald Reed

    I was recently invited to an alumni celebration at a college I attended. Since I graduated, I have earned several degrees and now have an earned doctorate. Since I did not receive the degree from the college having the celebration, they refer to me as Mr. rather than doctor or Dr. in my title. Is this proper etiquette?

    • Alicia

      Dr. Reed,
      You are officially a Dr no matter where you recieved your doctorate from. However, since you did not recieve it from this school it is very likely that they do not know that you furthered your education after leaving. So without knowing your correct updated form of address they addressed you incorrectly. You have two polite options. Option one: send a letter/email to the alumni office saying that you liked the event but just wanted them to update their files as you are Dr. Reed not Mr. Reed having obtained your PhD. Option two: Ignore it and accept that it at least they are not calling you by whatever you slightly embarasing college nickname was.
      Best of luck

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