1. Faye

    I am on the committe for my HS reunion. One of my classmates is a sponsor/donor. He has committed to $10,000. This was approximately 2 months ago. The committee would like to have the money to continue planning and dispersing funds. What would be the appropiate way to get the check from him a.s.a.p. He committed to the money in an email to us.
    I didn’t know him in HS so calling would be very uncomfortable for me to do. But what do you suggest? Help!!

    • Graceandhonor

      If there is someone on your committee who knows the donor, that person should call him immediately and profusely thank him for the donation and ask that he mail the check to the committee treasurer so that things may be purchased in a timely manner now. If no one knows him well, the head of your committee or the person who received his email should handle this. Don’t be shy; if he doesn’t come through, you need to know soon so you can go to plan B.

  2. Melinda

    I have a wedding invitation question. First, I am VERY traditional, read etiquette books when I was a little girl and like to do things the proper way. I am engaged and need to prepare invitations, but have a problem I never expected. My father is deceased, is it ok to have his name on the invitation with my mother’s or do I have to leave him off? Yes, I want the honest and tradtional/proper answer.
    Thank you.

    • Christine

      You could say: Your Name, daughter of Mrs. Mom’s Name and the late Mr. Dad’s Name and Groom’s name, son of Mr. and Mrs. Dad’s Name request the honour of your presence….and so on.

      Who is hosting the wedding? That typically influences the names included on the invitation…

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