1. Marge Hayward

    I wrote a letter to you about this, but my question must not have been clear enough because the reply did not answer my query.
    When entertaining dinner guests in your home, I’ve never seen anyone take away dinner plates from those who are finished while another person is still eating. How does this rule apply in arestaurant? Should waiters take away plates from someone who is done, leaving the other person or person(s) to finish their dinner alone while everyone else sits with no plate in front of them. I’ve heard that wait staff should not remove any plates until everyone is finished eating. Other people tell me that they just want to get the finished plate out from under their face. But, isn’t that rude to the person or persons still eating?

  2. Devora

    Yup, rude. Servers should wait until everyone is done. If a diner requests the plate be removed, OK. If not, server waits.

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