1. Karen

    What is the best way to get an ex to stop calling/texting/emailing/mailing his ex girlfriend? My friend has told her ex (she broke up with him about a month ago) to stop contacting her, and I have told him, very delicately, that she wishes to stop communication. He will not stop. While a month may not seem like a long time, it was quite long when she was receiving 50+ texts and phone calls a day. He is really concerning me as he sounds rambling and desperate in his texts and emails. She blocked him on her phone and email, so now he overnighted her a 10 page letter. She does not want to go to the authorities, but she has asked him over and over again to stop. I have tried googling laws and advice, and it does seem to fall under harassment, but it’s so hard to think of the terms “police” and “harassment” when it comes to the ex, because I have known him for so long. He seems depressed and I don’t know how I can best help–this is beyond my capabilities.

    • Graceandhonor

      Karen, Vanna offered some good advice on this situation on April 19th. It appears that the situation has now grown more serious and is beyond the scope of this site, so you may want to seek professional mental health assistance, as well as legal advice, for your friends. Good luck.

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