1. Chelsea Bearden


    I have a question regarding thank you notes.
    My grandmother gave me a set of glasses and a few dishes that were her mother’s recently. It was sort of abrupt the way she did it, even rinsing out a dish that had been used that day that went with the set before handing the box to my mother. We know she did not give me the whole set, because she still uses the pitcher that goes with the glasses. She told us that my great-grandmother had intended I receive them after she passed, (which I my mother knew) but that was over 10 years ago. I am getting married soon, so I think maybe she thought she had to pass them on?
    My question now is, what do I say in my thank you note to her? I feel like it would be awkward for me to just say “thank you for the dishes” because they were my inheritance?

    Help! I don’t want the note to be late, but I have writer’s block!!
    Chelsea Bearden

    • Karen

      Dear Grandma,

      I am so happy to have the dishes and glasses that belonged to Great-Grandma Anne. This means so much to me and I am excited to have them in my home as I start my new life with Jake. Thank you for passing them on to me.



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