Foolproof 14th: When Valentine's Day comes early in your relationship

by EPI Staff on February 11, 2010

Q: I’m a divorced mom who’s starting to date again, and this year, I have a valentine! We’ve been seeing each other for three months, and I’d like to give him a gift – but I have no idea what would say “more than just a friend” without saying “schoolgirl crush.” Help!

A: Getting back into the dating scene can make you feel like a teenager again. But you can avoid any awkwardness by keeping things simple. A humorous or sentimental – but not too risque – card is a good place to start. Rather than going for a big gift at this point (anything extravagant might imply that the relationship is more serious than either of you is ready for), consider treating him to a low-key dinner out or a batch of special homemade cookies. Take a conservative approach this year – you can always indulge next year if the two of you are still a couple. And congratulations! This is one etiquette dilemma many single women wish for.

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Julia October 25, 2011 at 3:32 pm

I would steer away from homemade anything this early — it can imply a LOT of commitment, or at least a “comfiness” that may or may not be mutual. How about just going out for drinks? Or if you don’t drink, finding a place to go out that specializes in dessert? Gift that are objects can have more potential to fail, but gifts that are dates (not over-the-top Millionaire Matchmaker-y dates, mind you) are much less stressful, I find.


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