1. Anon

    I was at a friends birthday party last week and I felt that her brother was quite rude and obnoxious not only to me directly but also to my boyfriend indirectly. Do I mention this to my friend or do I let it go? My friend is quite sensitive about any commnets made about her family and I do not think it would go down to well with her if I criticised her brother to her.

    Any opinions would be welcome.


    • Graceandhonor

      Your friend’s sensitivity about her family is probably due to the fact she is well aware of their personality defects, so I would let it go. You might, however, start declining invitations at which the brother will be present, and if your friend asks why you are declining, respond, “I love you to death, but your brother’s behavior toward me is hurtful. Lets plan on getting together, you and me, next week.” Perhaps she’ll eventually come to the conclusion that action is needed on her part to inform her brother that his boorish behavior within the family is one thing, but when it starts costing her friends, it is entirely another.

    • Graceandhonor

      You should use his military rank as that is the arena in which he is a physician, at least at the time you’ll be sending an invitation to him.

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