1. Christy Z

    This weekend is my work staff “Christmas” party. There is very little plan right now, but we have been told to BYOB – bring your own booze – to my boss’s home.

    What is the etiquette for this? Do you bring enough of what you are drinking for all? Do you bring just drinks for yourself? Does our host keep all the leftovers, or do I take what remains of what I brought home?

    • Graceandhonor

      In this case, you take your preferred drink, enough for yourself, and take home what you don’t consume. You make no mention of mixers; if your host is not providing those, you’ll need to take those, too. The same rules apply whether its liquor, beer or wine.

      There may be times you wish to leave unopened bottles of beer, particularly if you stowed them in the host’s refrigerator and did not bring them in your own cooler.

  2. Randy Strauss

    I bring enough for my own consumption including mixers, if necessary. I’ve even brought my own corkscrew depending on the location. I leave whatever is left over for the host unless he or she asks that I take it home with me.

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