1. Caroline

    How should our wedding invitations be worded if it is mostly my parents paying, along with my fiance paying for some things, and myself paying for very little (if this even matters)? The ceremony will be in a Catholic Church. Thank you!

    • Graceandhonor

      Go with the traditional wording, i.e. “Mr.and Mrs. Harold Thomas Jones request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their daughter, Sally Ann to Trent Jones Black ….”

      Your parents are hosting this event.

    • I have cried for 3 days. My son and his fiancé did their invitations and only put me and my ex husband as parents of the groom and did not include his stepfather who has raised him for the last 23 years, His biological father has done nothing for him. My husband and I are so hurt. I asked if we could reprint them and I would pay but they said no. My son did not go with her and I think it was honest mistake but I have a hard time believing the template asked for the “” biological parents name”‘ . I have already fielded family and friends calls and it just beaks my heart . You wait for this special day to announce your children wedding and he gets no recognition. The saddest thing to is my selfish son did not call his step dad to explain the mistake and apologize .,but he has his step dad repairing and fixing and hauling things to his home and making things for the wedding. I don’t think I will ever get over this. I asked her what would you do if you accidently forgot to put you own dads name on invitiation she couldn’t answer it

      • Lori C

        Laura Pell, If the wedding invitations had already been mailed before you, your husband and your son discovered your husband was not listed on the invitation, I can see why your offer to pay to reprint the invitations was not accepted. Once the invitations are in the mail, it is really too late. If the discovery was made before the invitations were mailed, I do not understand why your offer was not accepted. Unless it was too late to reorder and still get them in mail six to eight weeks from the date of the wedding.

        It also appears a sincere apology and a plan to rectify the situation was not forthcoming from your son and his fiancee. Is your son planning to include your husband in a toast at the rehearsal dinner and the reception? Will there be a wedding program for the ceremony which will include his name? Has your son asked your husband to be involved in anyway in the ceremony, such as giving a reading, ushering, lighting candles?

        For the friends and relatives calling and asking why your husband’s name was not on the invitation, please let them know your son would be the one to answer that question.

        I suggest your husband have a direct conversation with your son. This is really between them. If your husband wants an apology, he should say so. It is up to your husband whether or not he wants to continue repairing, fixing, hauling and making things for your son if he does not receive a sincere apology from both your son and his fiancee.

        If you want to have a relationship with your son, his bride, and any future grandchildren, please stop crying. If you have received an apology, you should give yourself time to move on and stop bringing it up. If you don’t ever get the apology you think you and your husband deserve, you can either distance yourselves or try to heal yourselves. If you continue to be this upset and cannot let it go, please find a therapist to help you and your husband get though this. Talking this all out with a third party can really help.

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