1. kevin

    Newly married couple ; my question pertains to gift giving. Now that I am married what is the etiquette for gift giving? Do my wife and I give gifts as a couple ? As far as my sister and I do we still combine and give gift to our parent or does my wife and I give my parent a gift ?

  2. Graceandhonor

    You and your wife shoud give gifts together, but you can still include your sister in the arrangement. Now that there are three participating in gifts for your parents, price options may increase.

  3. Virginia

    It’s pretty horrifying that on the Emily Post site “Who’s” is printed in large bold type in the heading concerning parents’ names on wedding invitations. It should be “Whose”.

  4. Kari

    As the mother of the Bride, our only daughter is getting married.. We are paying for the wedding.. We were perfectly fine with the invitation stating both our names and the grooms parents.. We let our daughter know how important it was to us and she still went and ordered invitations ( with my credit card) that left off ALL the parents names.. I’m disappointed to realize what a spoiled and disrespectful woman we raised.
    She has yet to pay her own car insurance or cell phone bill, but because she paid for her own grad school, we felt that we should pay for the wedding.. Now I regret it, as it has really hurt me and her dad to see bridezilla!!

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