1. Diana Diaz


    I Have a further question about handshakes. Now that women are expected to shake hands, I find myselfi n many awkward situations, particularly when meeting people at dinners and barbeques.

    When is it appropriate to shake hands? I often find myself meeting someone new with a plate of food in one hand, a drink in the other hand, and no place to set either down. It is just me, or are people being overly-insistent?

    Also, I have a shoulder injury, how do I politely decline shaking hands?

    Sincere thanks.

  2. Diana Diaz

    Also, for some reason, people are so insistent about shaking hands, some are even reaching across tables, over other people, and across your plates even while seated. What is actually correct? People seem to be getting a bit weird about this business of shaking hands.

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