1. Kathy Perry

    What is the etiquette when you receive a gift that you can’t use i.e. post earring when your ears are not pierced? I have received this type of gift from a dear friend several times. She has asked me in the past what kind of earring I wear. I tell her that I wear clip earrings but she seems to forget. Any suggestions for me? Thanks in advance.

    • Daniel Post Senning

      You are on the right track. Continue to look for appropriate moments to clue your friend in to your preferred method for wearing earrings. If this happens often and you think it might become a problem that she never sees you wearing her gift you might mention it outright. As you have already done, thank her for her thoughtfulness and her generosity and then remind her that you don’t have pierced ears. A little bit of good humor can go a long way when you are pointing out the obvious.

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