1. Who contacts who?
    The person who lives in the city being visited or the person who is visiting the city, but not expressly the person?

    My Swedish sister-in-law was recently in NYC where my daughter lives. She was traveling with girlfriends for a long weekend. She gave my daughter the dates she would be there. There was no contact from either my daughter or my sister-in-law. Upon returning from the visit, my sister-in-law complained to my parents-in-law and my husband that my daughter never called her so they didn’t get to meet and she thought it was a shame.

    This has caused tension in the family and I would very much like to know who is supposed to contact who? Greatly appreciate your feedback.

  2. We would like to know how others address physicians and their wives for formal invitations versus sending pamphlets or individual mailings to the physician alumni from a higher institution?

  3. Sean-Thomas Flynn

    The one visiting the city should contact the city-dweller. Which you sister-in-law did. I would think that your daughter should have contacted your sister-in-law back and either, A) made arranagements to meet or B) if your daughter would not be available to meet during the dates specified, she should have written back and wished her aunt a great time (maybe gave her some tips on what to see and where to go) but informed her aunt that she had prior committments.

  4. Thanks very much. I didn’t know how much space I would be allowed for explanation so kept it, perhaps too short. My daughter did contact her aunt and helped her to find a hotel/apartment for her and her friends. Once in NYC my sister-in-law made no attempt to call my daughter and my daughter figured the aunt would call her when she had time to meet. When she didn’t, we figured she had been too busy and didn’t think more of it. It wasn’t until my sister-in-law got home that she complained about it. But your first sentence answers my question and I thank you for that. This is a fabulous website, I’m so glad I found you:)

    Best regards,

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