1. Pam

    I made my sister and niece (freshman in high school) a very nice gift each. I know they received them because my sister raved about them. I told her just to have her daughter text me to let me know how she likes the gift. She stated that she knows she likes them because she wears it all the time. After a few weeks I mentioned to my sister that I had not heard from her daughter and she said, “Oh, I’ll have her call you when I get home.” That’s been 2 weeks ago. Maybe it’s me, but a simple “Gee Aunt Pam, they’re great and thank-you” would have been nice. Am I expecting too much? Am I being too proud? Should I say anything or just let it go?

    • Daniel Post Senning

      It is thoughtful of you to have made presents for your family. It is definitely not too much to expect a thank you or some type of acknowledgment for a gift that has been given. We advise people that they should always give thanks for a gift given on any occasion. It is best done in writing but minimally it should be done verbally or in your case simply by text.
      Having said this, it is best not to let something like this eat at you. You have done something nice and it should not end up making you feel bad. If you can mention it without feeling “too proud” or “angry” you might say something casually to your niece when you see her next. This could turn out to be a great teachable moment when she gets to hear from her favorite aunt Pam how good it would have felt to know that her gift had been appreciated and put into heavy rotation in her wardrobe. This might help her remember better next time.

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