1. Misse

    I’ve been approached by a magazine to share my wedding budget as part of a feature article/spread. It is to help brides plan and budget for their wedding. Would it be very gauche of me to share this information?

    • Daniel Post Senning

      In the spirit of helping get good information in front of people who are planning weddings there is nothing wrong with “going public” with your wedding budget in this manner. Anna Post, one of our in-house wedding experts suggests that you talk to anyone who helped to contribute to the wedding before you go forward. As long as the hosts are all in agreement you should be fine.

  2. Carrie

    My son is getting married this spring. I would like to give my future daughter-in-law a shower. The only thing is she lives in South Carolina, and I live in Michigan. Would it still be okay to give her a bridal shower if she can’t be present? With travel costs and all, it is next to impossible for her to get here. Also, can I request money or gift cards for gifts to save on shipping charges?

    • Graceandhonor

      Carrie, it is better that a mother or relative of the couple not host a shower; this should be left up to a friend of the bride or a friend of your family. And, the guest of honor should be in attendance. And, no, you should not ask for money.

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