1. Lori

    I am invited to a Jack and Jill wedding shower. As a large group we decided to purchase one large gift. We decided 25.00 per person so if you are single its 25 and 50 if married. do I still put in 50 if my husband cannot attend and I will be going alone?

    • Daniel Post Senning

      This is a great question. I would be curious to know how you all decided to make a group purchase as it might affect the answer. A shower invitation, unlike a wedding invitation, does not carry a gift obligation by itself. You would only be expected to bring a gift if you were attending so the obligation would be yours and not your husband’s in this case. However, if the gift that you are all chipping in on requires the funds that were anticipated when you broke down the cost between singles and married couples you might feel obliged to bring the full amount. As always, gift giving is ultimately a personal choice and one that you must feel good about yourself.

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