1. Sydney Paget

    My son and his girlfriend recently had a child. So far, there seems to be no sign that they’ll be getting married. I’m wondering how to introduce the couple to people. I could say “This is my son, my grandson, and my grandson’s mother” or “This is my son and his girlfriend and their child (my grandchild)” or some such thing. Somehow nothing sounds quite right. Even if I introduce them together this way, how would I introduce her as an individual when my son’s not present?

    • Daniel Post Senning

      I will start by saying that I am sorry I have not given you an answer sooner. Somehow I lost track of this question and it fell off my “to do” list.
      It sounds like the situation that you describe comes up often enough that it would be a good idea to ask your son and his partner/girlfriend how they would like to be introduced by you. If they don’t have any idea you might suggest: girlfriend, partner, friend, significant other, or any other suggestion that you like. If they don’t have a preference you can ask to use the choice you prefer. If they would rather that you don’t address their relationship in your introductions or if you find it easier not to, you could simply introduce them by name. Although you are correct that it is nice to give some description or cue as to relationship with an introduction it is most important to make the introduction and communicate essential information. This should give you options when you are only with your granddaughter’s mother as well as with both her and your son.

  2. Granvette Matthews

    In an interview, before a panel of interviewers, when the interviewee enters the room, must the panel members stand? Does it depend on whether the interviewer is male or female? Older or younger? Lower or higher in rank? Thanks for any help you can provide.

    • Country Girl

      Are we speaking of a job interview? If so, it is appropriate for the interviewee to greet each member of the panel with a firm handshake and introduction down the line. It is cordial for panel members to stand to greet the interviewee, but since the panel in this situation is of higher rank it is not expected. In most business/education situations etiquette shouldn’t be dictated by gender or age, but rather by rank.

  3. C

    ‘Partner’ is easy and has the benefit of being literally correct (i.e. not a euphemism as are ‘boyfriend’ and ‘girlfriend’)

  4. Carry

    Why don’t just say “it’s my daughter” while introducing the girlfriend of your son
    Then during conversation people will realize that she is not an actual blood daughter but she and them will always remember how nice you were to consider her as a part of your family.
    Significant other is good too
    And right may be ask them if they want you to mention their relationship to other people

    • Winifred Rosenburg

      It depends. Is this a business situation or a social situation? The specific circumstances can have an affect. Also age and gender could be factors.

  5. Phyllis Garraway

    Need a good introduction on presenting non-biological children. My husband has two daughters with two women before we were married. Their Mothers are still alive. How do I introduce them? They may not want to be known as step children or only as my husbands’ daughters as that would make me look as if I did not want to be a part of them.

    • Elizabeth

      If you are married to their father, then you are their stepmother and they are your stepchildren. There is no negative connotation to the term (excepting Cinderella), and it is the correct term for the situation you describe. “These are my stepchildren, Maria and John.” That is as straightforward as it gets.

    • Jody

      How old are the children? If they’re teens or adults, I’d ask them how they want to be introduced. Another thought might be to ask your husband how he’d like the children to be introduced.

    • Lori C

      In my opinion, it depends on the age of the daughters. If they are adults, have a conversation with them and ask it they prefer to be introduced by you as your husband’s daughters or if they prefer to be introduced as your step daughters. If these daughters are not adults, you may introduce them as your step daughters.

  6. Nett

    I’m 56 an just starting again. I’m seriouly involved with a gentalmen but not quite sure how to introduce him. Boy friend sounds to young and not sure about significant other. Man friend just sounds so informal.

    • Lori C

      Nett, I don’t think you need to label your relationship when you introduce ‘Brad’ to anyone. You can introduce him as Brad Majors and leave it at that. I imagine folks will be able to figure out you two are seeing each other.
      Or you can ask Brad.
      How does he introduce you?

  7. Lisa

    My father was having a conversation with a friend, and my boyfriend and I came up to them. My father has known my boyfriend for years. My question is who should introduce to my dads friend, (whom I only know a little)? Should it be me or my father? Any advice?

    • Elizabeth

      Lisa, yes, your father was in the best position to make introductions. However, if he did not do it for whatever reason, you could have also said “Mr. Smith, let me introduce you to John, my boyfriend. John, this is Mr. Smith.”

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