1. Kirsten

    Thanks so much for posting! I LOVE etiquette and recently bought a vintage hat…this answers all my questions!

  2. Art Jaffee

    I love your column. It is the first thing I look for in any magazine I pick up. I am an Orthodox Jew and we are required to wear a head covering if we walk more than 6 feet indoors or outdoors. You don’t have to be a Rabbi. In my profession I go to many homes and a hat serves a dual purpose for me in protecting my head, and eyes while I perform my work which requires me to drill in walls, and go into crawl spaces in attics. Many work man wear hats for this reason. Thanks again for all you do. The world needs more kindness which good manners brings.

    • Daniel Post Senning

      You might be surprised. More than one person really liked this post. Different strokes I guess.

  3. Publius.

    I think the “in public buildings” bullet needs to be modified to be clear about the difference between public *space* in a public building, and a *private* space in a public building. While it does specifically note “lobbies” as a qualifier (and I would add corridors, staircases, atriums too) as space where men can wear hats without any concern, it should be clear that when one enters the personal space of a particular office occupied by a person – for example – a man’s hat should be removed, regardless of the public element to the rest of the building.

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