1. Linda

    On a similar note–Our neighbors daughter spends many days at our house, just hanging out with our daughter–both are 12. Your post reminded me of this one day when the girls were in the pool. I was in the kitchen (many windows, close to the pool). The neighbor childs’ mother walks into the yard with her younger child…then 2 women and 3 more kids…within 10 minutes they were all in the pool! I later asked mine if she invited to swim–she said no…They knew I was home, my car was there…I wonder what goes on when we’re out!

  2. Graceandhonor

    This is worrisome, not only for the assumptions your neighbors et al make, but because of the liability you face. It is time to invest in gate locks and signage, “Please, NO entrance without invitation.” This conveys a command whereas, “Please do not enter without invitation” will lead to someone to assuming it doesn’t apply to them. IF the problem persists, its time for a talk, “I am sorry we cannot allow anyone to use our pool without our permission.”

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