1. Daniel Post Senning

    Just to get the ball rolling…

    I am particularly wondering about how the comments are working as well as the links and basic site navigation.

  2. I like the blog. I particularly like the “share this”. It makes it easy to pass on to others that might be interested in a particular question/answer. It is easy to navigate, however I’m not a big blogger so don’t have much to compare. Keep up the great sharing.

  3. I came across this site via Dear Abby and am glad it exists! It’s a good format and I’m looking forward to seeing more content. It is much needed and essential material, particularly for adult youth.

    • Daniel Post Senning

      So glad you like it. I am curious about “via Dear Abby”. Did she make a mention of this forum? I would love that kind of support but was not expecting it so soon. Thanks again for your interest.

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